Valor Fireplaces Upgraded The H3!

If you know anything about Valor you know that they are more than just good-looking. They are at the top when it comes to energy-efficient fireplaces, thanks to their both their convective heat installation - cleverly named HeatShift™ - and radiant-heat units. If you know nothing about fireplaces, then Valor is where to start. 

Recently, Valor Fireplaces introduced the upgraded H3 unit! The slim engine and accommodating design of the H3 is perfect for new constructions installs. The baby of the H series family measures 27 7/8" x 17 3/8" in viewing area and allows for three unique fuel beds, seven liners, and four fronts - making the design process seamless! 

The upgrade comes with Valor's HeatShift™ installation now available in your new H3. You and your family can finally enjoy a smaller fireplace with big warmth energy! 

Valor H3 With HeatShift | Barbecues Galore

HeatShift™ technology allows your walls to breathe and stay cool. With HeatShift™ less of high temperatures around the fireplace will be searing the walls. This means you can hang your kid's ceramic pots and finger paintings right on the mantle, or maybe your expensive artwork and big flat screen T.V.!

Valor HeatShift™ allows your walls to stay cool so not artwork melts on the mantle, through their hidden ducts!

Enjoy a peaceful, quiet and warm night by the fireplace with no worries about your walls and sensitive materials. The HeatShift™ technology uses hidden ducts to transfer the convective heat upwards - so no electricity needed! The raised heat outlet allows for better airflow and circulation around the room, as well.


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