Valor HeatShift System™ Technology

Valor's new HeatShift™ System technology solidifies their position as leaders in the gas fireplace industry. Striving to continually come up with innovative ways to find solutions that help meet changing customer needs.

Valor HeatShift System


With more and more televisions being mounted to the wall, many homeowners are faced with the dilemma of how to mount it above their fireplace without melting the TV down into a puddle. The Valor HeatShift™ System is the answer to that problem. 



Benefits of the Valor HeatShift™ System

  • redirects warmth from the fireplace higher up in the room, reducing the wall temperatures
  • allows you to hang televisions, paintings, canvases - and other items that are sensitive to heat - above your fireplace
  • This innovative duct system redirects heat upwards creating a better heat experience
  • The HeatShift System is compliant with all building code requirements in North America
  • Combine it with Valor's Remote Blower Kit to distribute heat to other rooms in your home like bedrooms, hallways or washrooms. 
  • Follows Valor's No Power No Problem philosophy, meaning it will continue to heat your home efficiently even during a power outage
  • Compatible with the following models: H5, H6, L1, L2 & L3


Valor HeatShift System Technology

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