Why Buy A Valor Fireplace?

When the cold hits, you want a fireplace that's going to look stunning, work efficiently and keep your home warm and cozy. Sounds to me like you're looking for a Valor radiant gas fireplace.

We've been selling Valor fireplaces for decades and we've been head over heels for their fireplaces since day one. They had us at 'Hello.' Some people may find it strange for people to be in love with 'things', but those who have a Valor fireplace completely understand the love you can have for a fireplace.

For those of you who aren't lucky enough to currently own a Valor fireplace, keep reading to find out why we love Valor fireplace products so much and why we think you really ought to get yourself one.

5 Reasons To Buy A Valor Fireplace

Radiant Heat 

Their slogan says it all - 'The Original Radiant Gas Fireplace'. These guys are pioneers in the realm of fireplaces that are not only radiatingly beautiful but also efficient radiant heaters. Radiant heat works to warm the items in your room so that they too can radiate warmth. Think of how warm a room gets when the sun is beaming in, even on a cold Winter's day. This is often referred to as Zone Heating - heating the rooms you use and not the rooms you don't.

Why is this important? It translates into savings on your home heating bills and improved comfort for you and your family. 

 Valor Fireplaces create radiant heat for maximum comfort




No Electricity Required

With their super-efficient design from the braniacs at Valor, these fireplaces don’t need a fan to blow the heat. This means it doesn’t need electricity, helping even more dollars stay in your pocket. (Do people still carry cash these days?) It also means that even in blackouts and power failures, your Valor fireplace will continue to heat your home. If only your friends were that reliable!

As a bonus, no fan means a peaceful, noise-free fireplace experience.

Valor Fireplaces No Power No Problem No Electricity required 




Striking Good Looks

Your Valor fireplace design can be as unique as you are! With multiple fire bed options, a wide range of faceplates, trim kits and liners you can customize your fireplace to suit your living space. Your style's the limit with finishes ranging from very traditional to sleek and modern.

Whether you’re creating a focal point for a room or looking to add a fireplace that blends into the wall, Valor has everything you need!    





Diverse Product Offerings

Valor makes a gas fireplace for just about every application – even outdoors! Replacing a drafty, inefficient masonry fireplace? They’ve got gas insert fireplaces for you. Improving a space with a fireplace where no fireplace has ever gone? They’ve got several options available for new constructions. Linear and zero clearance fireplaces galore! Sounds like a spinoff of Barbecues Galore… I digress…

All this to say, if you’re looking to add or update a fireplace in your home, they’ve got a unit that’s perfect for you.

Valor H5 Gas Fireplace Valor L3 Linear Gas Fireplace




Innovative Technologies

Remember when we called Valor braniacs a few paragraphs back? We meant it. These people think of everything! Not only have they eliminated the need for noisy fans that require electricity but they also offer their new HeatShift­™ Technology System that is compatible with several existing models and will soon become compatible with all of their units.

To help you cut down on home heating costs even further, Valor also offers a Remote Blower Kit that helps direct warm air from the fireplace into adjacent rooms further reducing your dependence on your central furnace. For example, you can warm your dining room with heat from the fireplace in the living room! 

 Valor HeatShift System Technology

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