Pretty Little Trout Recipe

Pretty Little Trout

Serves 4-8 

- whole cleaned trout
- 1 c chopped green onion
- 1/2 c butter or margarine
- salt, pepper
- garlic powder to taste
- 2 tbsp dehydrated parsley flakes

I don't know if this recipe is common knowledge or not, It tastes so good it's hard to believe it is so simple. When you go camping and you catch fresh trout this recipe is an absolute must.

Clean and rinse the trout well, don't ask me why but if you leave the head and fins on they taste better. Inside the body cavity place 1 tablespoon of butter, a generous amount of chopped onions, and a little salt, pepper, and garlic. On the outside sprinkle with parsley flakes and a little salt and pepper. Double wrap the trout, one to a package in aluminum foil. Place on BBQ grill and cook 7-10 minutes on one side, flip over and cook an additional 5 minutes.

Pretty Little Trout

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