Turducken Recipe

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 It’s time to put the “O!” into protein:  the Turducken. A combination of a turkey, duck and chicken as the name suggests.  And, just in case you didn’t get enough meat, sometimes bacon or sausage is also included. Basically it is a de-boned turkey stuffed with a de-boned chicken which is, in turn, stuffed with a de-boned duck.  Sausage or dressing is placed between the layers of bird.  This is all done up like a Russian nesting doll. The recipe and pictures were submitted by one of our readers, Martin Blain (thanks Martin!). He did a one night class at Liaison College. Half of the 25 pound Turducken fed 30 people. It is a good idea to have a heavy needle and twine for lacing up the meat.


- 4 pounds ground sausage (60% lean meat, 30% fat and 10% flavourings)
- 1 turkey
- 1 chicken
- 1 duck


 Divide Sausage and add seasoning 1.5 pounds with Thyme and Roasted Garlic, 1 pound with Preserved Fruit and White Wine, and ½ pound with Mushroom and Caramelized Onions. Add salt and pepper.

2. Assemble Turducken with chicken lying flat, skin side down, add meat seasoning and sausage with mushrooms and onions in an even layer over entire bird. Roll both sides of chicken to centre to form chicken shape. Now place duck flat with skin side down, add seasoning, and sausage with preserved fruit and wine in a layer. Place chicken in centre of duck and roll up both sides of the duck. Place the turkey flat with skin down, add seasoning, and sausage with thyme and roasted garlic in an even layer. Place the duck and chicken on the centre of the turkey and roll up to form turkey shape. Use needle and thread to sew together turkey edges. Season outside of turkey with meat seasoning, salt, and pepper. Place in large roasting pan for cooking.

It’s time to put the “O!” into protein

Cooking The Turducken
 Preheat barbecue to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Cook at 400 degrees for one hour
3. Cook at 250 – 275 degrees for 9 ½ hours. The turducken should reach an internal temperature of 160 degrees.
4. Rest 1 hour prior to carving


Notes from Martin
• I set the temp on Weber to Low on the front burner. It took about 1 hour to cool down to 250f. It stayed there for about 6 hours until the sun came out strong and then drifted up to 275f. After cooking for about 9 hours I cranked up the heat again near the end as we were getting hungry.
• Roast was cooked well though and extremely moist and tender.
• When cooking outside you must beware of outside temp as it will effect the cooking time.

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