Different Cuts and Variety of Meats

We're shedding a bit of light (not too much) on The Variety Meats (say...wouldn't that be a good name for a band?). Now, nobody likes a good premium cut like yours truly. You'll never see me say no to a rib-eye. But, if we all only eat rib-eyes, what happens to the rest of the critter? If we're going to take our status as omnivores seriously, don't we have an ethical obligation to make sure that the entire animal is utilized? I think we do. And so, what should we do with the non rib-eye bits? Well, eat it I guess.

The variety meats are the "edible viscera of a butchered animal". You know, things like brain, kidney and ... glands. Yummy. As such, they're likely the last part of the animal we modern humans think about eating. But that's silly. There's some good, if slightly unsettling at the preparation stage, eating to be had here.

Consider it a challenge. Any newbie with a decent barbecue and a set of tongs can make a sirloin taste fantastic. It takes a bit more talent to make organ meat into a delectable grilled meal. Check out this great food blog 'Nose to Tail at Home'. A well written take on enjoying the lesser known cuts of meat - meal by meal. Inspired by a British cookbook.

Lots of interesting links and guest posts that focus on 'soon to be famous' cuts of meat. The lamb's testicles had me squirming in my seat and licking my lips at the same time. Something that hasn't happened since ... uh...never mind, just check out the blog.

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