Grant's Bacon Tip

This is a terrific way to cook your bacon outside. Now, there’s nothing wrong in my opinion with cooking bacon inside the house. However, if you’re short on indoor cooking space or just want to enjoy the great outdoors with your pork products – this is a great way to get it done on the grill. Grant used to work for us. I don’t know if he came up with this idea himself or stole it - but it’s a good one:

First, get your barbecue as hot as you possibly can – keep it on high for 15 minutes with the lid down. And then...turn it off. Completely. Place the uncooked bacon on the grill and quickly close the lid.

Come back after about ten minutes, quickly flip the bacon and close the lid again. After about fifteen more minutes your bacon should be cooked. If it isn’t, repeat the process with tighter flipping times. This works best with cast iron grills but heavy stainless steel grills will work as well. If your grills won’t hold heat well enough – you may have to repeat the process – just make sure you take the bacon off the grill when you’re getting it up to blast-furnace temperatures.

Here are some Recipes that use Bacon!

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