Grilling Papadums

What would a Canadian summer be without papadums? Those tasty lentil-flour crackers you know and love from Indian restaurants are, I’m sure, an absolute MUST for all Canadians this summer. Sure, you could make them from scratch but, if you’re in a hurry, the prepared papadums can be super tasty. A barbecue with a griddle is the ideal way to prepare papadums – way less hassle than pan frying them in oil.

Meet our papadum griller. He’s wearing one of our proprietary t-shirts that you, as a loyal reader, of The Hot Line could win on any given month. See below.


Of course, we prefer “Baat Cheet” papadums. (Now, look at the shirt, look at the papadums, back to the shirt, now look at the papadums again.)


Getting them ready is simple: heat up your cast iron griddle on your barbecue and flip the papadum two or three times. About one minute per side. Keep a little bit of oil on the griddle at all times. Trust us – this is WAY easier than frying your papadums. Apparently, a bunch of bubbles in a roasted papadum indicates freshness. So, beware of flat papadums.

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