Rubs. You know, when you take a piece of meat and rub some flavours into it until it’s perfectly tasty and succulent?  Yes, rubs.

Remember when we promised to avoid any sexual innuendo when talking about rubs?  Yeah well, we’re trying.  Likely failing, but we’re trying. When you’re talking about grilling, the rub concept is one that is quickly gaining in popularity.  It’s simple, it’s quick and it can provide loads of flavour.  There are dry rubs and wet rubs.  (I’ll bet you can already tell what the difference is between the two.)  Both types need to be worked into the meat for best results.  Remember, these are not called “sprinkles”, they’re called “rubs” – so put some Steely Dan on the stereo, have a glass of Riunite and rub that meat.  Skin will block the flavours of the rub so try to get the rub under the skin if possible.  Alternatively, you can just make plans to eat all the tasty, tasty skin – that’s what we do.Once the rub has been massaged into the meat, the meat should sit for anywhere between 1 and 24 hours.  The longer you leave it to sit, the stronger the flavours will be.

Seasoned Chicken


Here are some recipes using rubs!

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