Grill your dips

As you know, we here at Barbecues Galore believe that almost all foods should be grilled prior to consumption. Oh sure, you're allowed to deep fry the odd thing but, in general, grilling is better. Weather permitting, boiling, baking and braising should be avoided in favour of grilling. It's tastier. It's more social. We even expect that it's healthier somehow -- although we haven't got any scientific proof of that yet.

Because we want people to push the grilling envelope a bit harder every day. That's why we are recommending that you try grilling your dips. That's right: dips. Some of the world's tastiest dips get their start on the grill. So, put down your plastic tub of bland, 'French Onion Dip' that contains 45 non-recognizable ingredients and start the backyard dip revolution in your neighbourhood. (Now, if we can just find a charcoal powered food processor...) 

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