Hipster Hop Salt Recipe

This is by far the easiest recipe on our site, with the least ingredients possible. This month we want you to try making your own hop salt. Though this isn't necessarily a "barbecue recipe" it can be used on barbecued foods.

If you’re planning to grill with it, try seasoning fish or chicken with the hop salt, and squeeze a little citrus juice over the finished dish. The flavour is actually quite subtle, and can get lost in complex dishes, so try using it as a finishing salt on things like fries, popcorn, or even sweets like chocolate.


Hispter Hop Salt Recipe


If you really want to get meta, make yourself a loaf of beer bread, and substitute the regular salt for hop salt.


Hipster Hop Salt recipe


Regardless of what you do with the finished product, be sure to make an extra batch, divide it among little jars, and give ‘em away. They make the perfect host or hostess gift, stocking stuffer, or a great, “oh, shi- uh… right, I totally got you a present, too!” gift.


Hipster Hop Salt recipe


Makes ½ cup hop salt



½ cup coarse sea salt

1 hop pellet (try Cascade, Citra, Mosaic, or another citrusy variety)



Step 1: Assemble your ingredients. Also a jar or container of sorts.


Step 2: Place ½ of the salt and the hop pellet in a blender or food processor. Blend until the pellet is pulverized, about 15 seconds.


Step 3: Add the remaining salt and blend for a couple of seconds, just to incorporate a little extra texture.


Step 4: Transfer the hop salt to your jar or container, and enjoy!


TIP: The salt will not go bad, but the hop flavour will lose its intensity over time.


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