Pink Butcher Paper: Your New Barbecue Best Friend?

Butcher paper has been around forever, and it's uses have almost no limits. But we've seen butcher paper, especially Pink Butcher Paper take on a life of its own in the barbecue industry. So we had to ask ourselves, why is pink butcher paper so popular in the BBQ industry, and should you be getting in on the action?

Now don't be mistaken, there are dozens of butcher papers and wax papers on the market, but it's the un-coated pink butcher paper you're after.


So what does pink butcher paper do for me?

We're glad you asked! 

  • Breathability - It's beneficial compared to items such as foil because it lets the meat breathe a little during the cooking process while letting more smoke and that classic "barbecue flavor" in. Nobody likes a mushy, taste-less protein!
  • Not heat reflective - Pink butcher paper is also non heat-reflective compared to foil, so you don't have to worry about cook time and temperature alterations compared to its foil counterpart.
  • Easy on the bark! - Similar to dogs, you get too much bark on that brisket or those ribs too early, it's going to scare some of the guests off. Pink butcher paper can create a barrier between the heat and the meat so you can develop the perfect bark without drying your protein out.

  • Holdout - Whether it's storing a fresh cut from the butcher, finishing off a 13 hours brisket, or keeping last nights leftovers, butcher paper holds up well against moisture.
  • Don't have a meltdown - While this paper may look similar to items such as wax paper or freezer paper, this pink butcher paper is un-coated and un-waxed, so there's no coating that can melt at high temperatures.

NOTE: It's typical applications are for low & slow cooks such as ribs, pulled pork & briskets, applied to indirect heat, not over a direct open flame.

Outside of all these benefits, this Pink Butcher Paper is 100% food grade FDA approved, so you're cooking with the good stuff. Opening up your freshly grilled brisket or ribs will have you looking like a kid opening their first gift on Christmas. Looking for more? We've got plenty Food Prep Accessories and Unique Barbecue Accessories for you to check out as well.

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