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What makes Super Bowl Sunday the "Big Game" to many of us in North America? Yes, of course there's the actual game with big players on the big football field in a big stadium... but aside from all that, what makes it the "Big Game" is how we celebrate BIG. Whether it's going to a buddies or you're inviting the friends and family to watch your team hopefully win (it's the LA Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals this year, if you didn't know), if you like football then you're probably celebrating one way or another. So if you're going to celebrate, you better celebrate BIG with all the barbecued shredded chicken sliders you can eat! They're quick and easy to make in large amounts, but most importantly: they're delicious. 

Barbecued Shredded Chicken Sliders


Super Bowl Sunday Shredded Chicken Sliders Recipe by Barbecues Galore | Recipe of the Month

Ingredients (makes 6 sandwiches):


STEP 1: First things first, preheat your grill to 500°F

STEP 2: While you're waiting for that, you can get to prepping. Start by trimming the chicken breast and thighs to remove any excess fat or bone fragments. Place it all into a large grill pan

STEP 3: Next, combine the Sweet & Tangy Chicken & Rib Rub Kosmo’s Q Wing Dust Honey BBQ, and Chicken Bouillon Powder, and mix them well. Now that you have your delicious new spice blend, season the chicken in the pan. Remember to be sure to coat both sides. Also add your Chicken Broth at this point and cover it up with aluminum foil.

 Seasoning - Shredded Chicken Sliders Recipe by Barbecues GaloreStep 2 - Barbecued Shredded Chicken Sliders Recipe by Barbecues Galore


STEP 4: Now place the grill pan in your barbecue and cook for about 45 minutes to get the internal temperature of the chicken breast to 165°F and the chicken thighs to 185°F. We recommend you judge readiness by the internal temperature, read by an instant thermometer, and never by time alone because there are many factors that can change the cook speed of your food, but temperature never lies.

Shredded Chicken Sliders on Broil King Baron Recipe by Barbecues Galore


STEP 5: After your chicken breast and thighs are up to temperature, pull the pan from the barbecue and carefully drain the liquid into a bowl (or measuring cup) that is at least 2 cups large. 

STEP 6: Next, strain and remove the excess oil and bits from the liquid you just poured. Now add in your Blue Ribbin’ Sweet Sauce BBQ Sauce, gently mix it up and then pour it back in the pan with the chicken. Lastly, toss and turn the chicken so that all sides are covered.

Step 6 - Barbecued Shredded Chicken Recipe by Barbecues GaloreStep 6 - Shredded Chicken Slider Recipe by Barbecues Galore


STEP 7: Place the grill pan back onto the barbecue for another 15 minutes. At this point, your chicken should have already reached food-safe temperatures, so this 15 minutes is just to heat up the new sauce.

STEP 8: Now that your sauce is warmed up and stuck onto the chicken, shred it all up with a hand mixer. Be careful though, things could get messy.

Step 8 - Barbecued Shredded Chicken Sliders Recipe by Barbecues GaloreStep 8 - Shredded Chicken Slider Recipe by Barbecues Galore


STEP 9: Use the remaining juice from your pan to coat your shredded chicken so it stays nice and moist by the time it hits the slider buns. 

Step 9 - Shredded Chicken Slider Bun Recipe by Barbecues Galroe


STEP 10: Last but definitely not least, grab your slider buns and your favourite toppings, and enjoy the Big Game with a delicious Shredded Chicken Slider in your hand!

 Super Bowl Sunday Shredded Chicken Sliders Recipe by Barbecues Galore


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Recipe created by barbecue enthusiast Andrew Plaza. Follow him on Instagram for more barbecue goodness by clicking here.

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