Christmas Gift Guide: 8 Gift Ideas To Wrap Up Your Holiday Shopping

Well folks, here we are again. The weather outside is frightful, but that charcoal fire is mmm delightful. We're getting VERY close to Christmas, and if you haven't shopped for gifts yet - here's your sign to start (and at Barbecues Galore).

Christmas Napoleon Prestige 500 Barbecue Butlers

We get tons of customers every year coming in for stocking stuffers, Secret Santa's, and large gifts for mom and dad, and we always get one question - "Where do we start?" Well, that's why we're here, to help point you in the right direction and get the perfect gift for your loved ones. 

We'll give a few options, big and small, to cover every stop from stocking stuffer all the way up to home-welcoming or retirement-celebrating barbecues for family members.

Sauces and Rubs

We say it every year, but sauces and rubs are a fantastic start to any foodies stocking. It's a great opportunity to introduce some new flavors into your cupboard, and if you're lucky, you might even get to use it for your holiday dinner. We've highlighted some of our fan favourites in one of our previous gift guides, which you can check out here!

Apple Butter Barbecue Ribs Recipe


Big Boy Charcoal

This one goes out to all those charcoal enthusiasts, and it's a gift that often gets forgotten. The thing is, charcoal grillers are ALWAYS going to go through it, and what better than a gift that's going to cook up some of your loved ones' favourite foods? Smells like a slam dunk if you ask us. Big Boy 100% Natural Hardwood Charcoal uses hand-selected wood from Argentina to ensure you get the biggest and best lumps possible - only the best for your family and friends.

big boy hardwood charcoal, from barbecues galorebig boy hardwood charcoal, lifestyle photo, from barbecues galore

Big Boy Rectangular Pizza Stone

Pizza stones are a must have in any grilling enthusiasts repertoire. The ceramic stone is the perfect conduit from your grill to your pizza dough to create the perfectly cooked crust. Something that doesn't break the bank, but definitely offers up some of the best bang for your buck, the Big Boy Pizza Stone is a perfect holiday treat


Another staple to any avid griller (or cook for that matter) is a thermometer. These can range in price, complexity and abilities depending on what you're looking for. From quick and simplistic instant read thermometers to over the top, Bluetooth, multi-channel thermometers, the sky is the limit here. Click here to check out some of our most popular gift thermometers!

Kamado Joe Classic Joe II

This is the big bananza, the bees knees, the one flown in straight from Santa's workshop. All jokes aside, we get plenty of people coming in every year looking for something to surprise their partner with, or to surprise their child with a barbecue for their new house. If you have a loved one that loves charcoal, this unit is for you. Kamado Joe's are known for their quality, versatility and straight up awesomeness. You can grill anything from your standard chicken and veggies, all the way down to baking cookies. The Kamado Joe Classic II is versatile and utterly fantastic.

Napoleon Rogue 425 Special Edition

Don't worry all you propane and natural gas grillers, we didn't forget about you. Arguably one of our most popular units, the Special Edition Napoleon Rogue 425 Ambiance is loaded with value and packs a great bang for your buck. This 3 burner unit features stainless steel grills, a jaw dropping 15 year top to bottom warranty, and 42000 BTU's of steak searing, wing crisping power all wrapped up in a sleek black and grey exterior - talk about a Christmas miracle.

Gift Cards

Last, but certainly not least is one of our gift cards. Gift cards are a great option for those Secret Santa's, or if you have a loved one who loves to barbecue, but you're not quite sure what they might like. Now they can pick out something of their own! We have two types of gift cards, an in-store only gift card and an online only virtual gift card, be sure to grab the one that best suits your giftee!

We hope this gift guide helped you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones this holiday season. If you have a few more gifts you're looking to grab, of the ones we listed here didn't quite scratch the itch, you can check out all of our past gift guides here for some extra help. 

Alternatively, you can stop by and visit any of our 5 locations across Canada to talk to an expert. We've got two in Calgary, Alberta (North Location & South Location), as well as three across the Greater Toronto Area: BurlingtonOakville & Etobicoke, Ontario.


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    Unless you can tell if your brisket is done just by poking it, it’s usually a good idea to have a meat thermometer handy. Let's face it, that lid thermometer doesn't cut it.

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    It’s not a secret that dads and barbecues go together like ribs and sauce. For some fathers, there is no greater passion than the grill - so why not support his sizzling endeavours?... You'll probably get free food out of it.

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    The weather outside is frightful, but that charcoal fire is mmm delightful. If you're less than a pro at Christmas shopping, here's you're sign to start at Barbecues Galore.

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