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Gift Guide | The Thermometer Edition

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It's only to be expected that your loved ones will be asking for a wireless, bluetooth and/or remote meat thermometer for the holidays. 

Let's be realistic here, who doesn't want a meat thermometer, especially around a time when you're feeding hoards of family, extended family and friends.  

We have put together a must-have list. Now you know exactly what to buy a friend, or just to add to your wish list.  

 Maverick digital thermometer with three meat probes and two compact transmitters that can reach up to 500 feat in range  

 ONLY: $119.99


Thermoworks Thermpop thermometer is an easy to read digital meat probe that comes in a variety of coloursThermoworks Thermopop Thermometer is your best pocket-sized friend


ONLY: $39.99

The Meater Thermometer is a rotisserie friendly, stylish and accurate piece of equipement working off of Bluetooth

ONLY: $119.99


Classic, foldable Thermapen by ThermoworksThermoworks Thermapen MK4 is foldable, compact and insanely accurate. It is a leading contender in food-safe thermometer technology

ONLY: $134.99

The Weber iGrill 3 is a alarm and thermometer system made exclusively for the Weber Genesis II series barbecues  

ONLY: $139.99


Maverick's Instant Read thermometer lightening fast 1.5 second accuracy lets you grill with ease.

ONLY: $109.99

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