Thermoworks ThermoPop® Digital Pocket Thermometer - Blue



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 This handy dandy pocket cooking thermometer is ideal for professional chefs and day-to-day at-home-cooks alike. Simply stick the probe into whatever you're cooking and you'll get an impressively accurate reading in just 3-4 seconds!

The ThermoPop® has a rotating display to make sure you can read the temperature from any angle. If you're opening up the barbecue and just tossing in the probe quickly, then the rotating display will show you the temperature at the correct angle you are most likely reading it from. It can even clip onto your pants or shirt pocket. With that, you could look like the snazziest barbecue lover out there!




  • Rotating display makes this the perfect thermometer for lefties, righties and ambidextrous-ies alike! (If that isn't a word, it is now. Let's start a revolution!)
  • SuperFast® temperature readings in just 3-4 seconds! 
  • Probe is only .08" in diameter for highly accurate readings
  • Registers temperatures from as low as -58° up to 572°F
  • As accurate as +/- 2°F - one of the best accuracy rates in the industry!
  • This smarty pants knows when it's time to conserve energy and shuts off after 10 minutes without use
  • Backlit display makes it easy to read in almost any lighting condition
  • I hope you love the ThermoPop® because it has a Can't Stop, Won't Stop attitude with up to 5,000 hours of battery life! 
  • Also available in Red, click here to see it!

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