Two Barbecue Tips to Start The Month

To start this month we have a few tips to pass along which should make your grilling more enjoyable this summer:

Tip #1: Clean your damn barbecue! 

We're not saying you have to make it look brand new or anything. Just get rid of the majority of the residual grease now and then. A build-up of grease greatly increases your risk of flareups which can ruin a perfectly good meal. Unless you have a truly horrible barbecue (many of you do - we've seen the pictures), nagging flareups are caused not by what you're cooking today but by what you cooked yesterday, last week and two years from Wednesday. Clean ou the bottom of your barbecue from time to time and your food will taste better. It's that simple.

Tip #2 Turn your propane tank on slowly.

Sounds weird but today's propane tanks are a little paranoid. If they suspect that there's a leak they cut their flow down to about 10%. Trouble is, they sometimes confuse being turned "on" with a leak. We receive multiple phone calls each and every day from people thinking that there's  something suddenly wrong with their barbecue. Most times they're just turning their tank on too quickly. If this happens to you, disconnect your barbecue from your tank, make sure your barbecue's valves are in the "off" position, reconnect your tank, and then turn it on exaggeratedly slowly. Works like a charm.