Propane Barbecue Barely Stays Lit


My propane barbecue was working fine and producing lots of heat until today when it barely stays lit and isn’t producing enough heat.  What’s wrong? 



Every day we receive a few phone calls from worried grillers who, all of a sudden, have a propane-fired barbecue that is producing only a tiny bit of heat.  Most assume that there is something wrong with their barbecue. 

In fact, they have turned their propane tank on too quickly.  The modern propane tank has a valve in it that, when it thinks there’s a leak in the tank, will cut the flow of propane back to about 10%. 

Unfortunately, these tanks can be a tad fussy and, on occasion will ‘think’ there’s a leak when they are turned on too fast.  So, if you’re barbecue seems feeble and wheezy don’t panic, it’s easy to fix:  

  • turn off your barbecue  
  • turn off your tank  
  • unhook your regulator from your propane bottle  
  • make sure that your barbecue knobs are turned to the ‘off’ position  
  • re-attach your regulator to your propane bottle  
  • turn on your tank a quarter of a turn  
  • let the hose fill up with propane
  • turn the tank on the rest of the way  
  • ignite your barbecue as you normally would  ~ good as new.
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