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Tipster: Try our Wood Chips

If you've been into one of our stores you know that we carry an exhaustive supply of wood chips. One of the most popular 'flavours' is whisky.
These compressed, pelletized wood chips start out as Jack Daniels whisky barrels and are pressed into rabbit-refuse shape. Sprinkle these right over hot coals or place a handful in a smoker box over your gas burner for heavenly smoke flavour (YouTube video demo here). Don't add water, these pellets turn to mush when they mix with water.
Crown Royal and Jim Bean Wood Chips
These pucks, made out of compressed wood shavings, are built to be used in Bradley smokers. However, they can also easily be used in any gas grill. Just place the pucks (again, no water) under your cooking grill, just over where your burner sits. They will produce sweet, sweet smoke for about fifteen minutes. We carry all of the Bradley 'bisquettes' all year round. We've got Crown Royal and Jim Beam pictured here. Both are made from oak barrels which are no longer used in their respective distilleries. Being a patriot I'd go with the Crown Royal but I see that Jim Beam currently has a promotion going with Kid Rock and, as we all know, there's no better indicator of good taste than Kid Rock.

Here are some recipes using wood chips for smoking!

      Roasted Stuffed Pears
      Cherry Smoked Tenderloin


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