FAQ Moving Natural Gas Barbecue


I want to move my natural gas patio heater or barbecue across the deck and use a longer hose.  Can I do that?


Yes you can but … you shouldn’t use a hose that is longer than twenty feet.  When using any rubber hose to transmit gas you always suffer a tiny bit of ‘line loss’.  After about twenty feet of a standard natural gas hose you run the risk of not having enough pressure to properly run your outdoor appliance.  We typically stock natural gas hoses in 5’, 10’, 15’ and 20’ lengths.  Keep in mind that, with a natural gas patio heater, the pole of the heater itself will eat up about five feet of gas line so, if you want to have a hose that is ten feet away from the base of the heater, you actually require a fifteen foot hose.

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