Where's My Hasenpfeffer?!

Bugs Bunny in a Pot Ingredients on Glass Jar
Happy April everybody. This is the month that, around here at least, we consider to be the start of the true barbecue season. With spring comes Easter and rejuvenation and all that business. Really, I guess what we're talking about here is 'breeding' (sure, lots of words could be used there instead of breeding - feel free to use your own). Considering that nothing breeds like a rabbit we've made them our theme.
Laverne and Shirley Sing - Ladies sitting on a set of stairs

Now, we're not cooking Hasenpfeffer on the barbecue - that's more of a 'cook it in a pot' kind of meal. But, since we brought it up did you know that Hasenpfeffer is referenced in the Laverne and Shirley theme song? I had NO idea that's what they were saying: "...5, 6, 7, 8, Schlemiel, Schlemazzle, Hasenpfeffer Incorporated". Jeesh. Crazy dames. Want to know more about wild rabbits and hares in Alberta? Check here. And what you need to know about Ontario's rabbit industry is here. The book of Leviticus in the bible says that the rabbit is unclean because it chews its cud and does not have a cloven hoof. I would have thought that it was the "they eat their own poo" issue that put the rabbit into the unclean category but you never know with old Leviticus.

Trying to find rabbit can be a challenge. In Oakville, you can go to Florence Meats. In Burlington try Paul's Fish and Meat Market. In Calgary go to Bon Ton. You may want to call ahead. Did you know that a rabbit farm is called a "rabbitry"? The goal for a rabbitry is to raise a newborn rabbit to 2 1/2 - 3 pounds in 12 weeks.

Meat rabbits are generally fed commercial rabbit pellets. Overfeeding is a major concern. According to 'Raising Rabbits': "If the buck is overweight, he will be lazy and sluggish and tire quickly. If the doe is overweight, she may be reluctant to mate...". Once again, we here at Barbecues Galore are providing you with information that you can use on a daily basis to improve your own lives. No, no need to write us and thank us. It is enough to serve.

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And speaking of service... I'd like you to do us a favour, if you're shopping in our stores, take a minute and let us know how we're doing. If we're not meeting your expectations, let us know. We're human, we make mistakes. But, we're in the customer service business and we want to fix the mistakes we make. So, please tell us what we can do better. On the flip side, if we've done something right, we like to hear that too. Only, don't just tell us, tell the world!: use Google. Really, we'd appreciate some support on this.
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