5 Weber Connect Features You Need

Whether you're a novice or advanced cook, the Weber Connect Smart Grill technology is something you can benefit from. Be sure to read to the end because these features just get better and better.



Weber Connect Features - Track Time and Temperature Progress

Track Your Progress by Time and Temperature

Let's start with the awesome, yet expected, feature that the Weber Connect provides. With the Weber Connect, you'll receive real-time temperature alerts along with food-safe recommendations right to the Weber Connect app on your phone. You can set your desired cook time and max desired temperature as well.


Customizable Grilling Preferences

But wait, there's more - you'll be able to label the food you're cooking within the Weber Connect app so you don't lose track of which probe is keeping track of what. The labeling capabilities even get specific enough for the weight and size of your food, as well as the level of doneness you prefer. With that kind of precision, what more could you ask for? 


Choose Your Grilling Cook Program

When Weber put "Smart" in the name of their grill, you can bet they did it for a reason. You'll get tons of Cook Programs that'll help guide you through all of your barbecue experiences.

Additionally, you can search right in the app for over 200 recipes made with decades of barbecue experience and knowledge from Weber themselves. This Weber Connect feature is perfect for anyone who likes to try new things and challenge their grilling skills - or for the brand new barbecuer. 


Step-by-Step Grilling Assistance

Speaking of brand new barbecuers, you'll even get step-by-step grilling assistance. It'll tell you when to slice your turkey, flip your steak, wrap your brisket, etc., which adds great value to anyone who's not already a seasoned pitmaster. Also, you don't have to be weary of getting a cheap "starter barbecue" that you'll want to replace in a year anyway, but be stuck with. In contrast, you'll want to keep your new Weber Genesis Smart Grill for decades, which you will because it's built to last! Now that is a bang for your buck. 


Monitor Your Session Remotely

Now for the big sha-bang: you can monitor your food from pretty much anywhere. If you like briskets or any other kind of slow-cooked food, this feature is an absolute game changer for you. When you're close to it, you can connect via Bluetooth. However, when you want to leave your backyard - maybe you forgot a sauce, or your spouse is mad at you for forgetting to do some errands, or you just want to play a round of golf - you can connect to Wi-Fi or use your data plan and cook from anywhere you can get an internet connection. If that wasn't enough, you'll get a quick and easy digital on-boarding experience so you can get cooking right away.


Watch this quick video for a glimpse at the Weber Genesis SPX-435

There you have it 5 Weber Connect features that you need to be a better outdoor cook. With all it's features and it's simple user experience design, the Weber connect takes out all the stress from cooking - leaving you with all the pleasure and happiness of making great barbecue.

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