Can I Patch Up a Gas Hose Leak?

If you noticed a leak in your natural gas hose, you might be thinking, "Can I patch up a gas hose leak myself?" Or perhaps you Googled, "How to repair a gas hose." Well, we're here to tell you that you SHOULDN'T attempt to fix it and we'll tell you why.

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To begin our little lesson, let's get one thing straight: patching up a tire and patching up a gas hose are not the same. It may seem obvious, but a lot of people bring this comparison up.

Patching a Leaky Tire vs Leaky Gas Hose

You might think now, "But both hoses are made of a rubber material." Although this is true, a gas hose is much more delicate than patching a tire. Since a gas hose is very thin to begin with, the risk of gunking up the area of the leak can cause a huge pressure build up as gas is constantly being added - whereas the pressure in a tire can only go down through leaking. That being said, having the pressure in a gas hose will definitely cause a leak as time goes on - then you're back to square one.

Additionally, you'll risk a second un-detected leak if you try to patch up the hose. A gas leak can be unnoticeable, especially when you think you’ve already fixed it. Some websites may recommend an epoxy to fill the hole in your gas hose, but this would result in a weaker area of the hose. Again, the constant pressure being added could cause the hose to leak again. You don’t want to keep having to fix the same leak over and over.

So, if you can't patch it... what's the best way to get your gas hose working again? The only right answer: get a new hose that will last you at least another 5 years. Trust us, it'll be money well spent because it's the safe thing to do and you'll avoid a lot of future headaches.

Note: You'd probably spend more money - and definitely more time - trying to patch up a bad hose multiple times a year than simply getting a new hose that will last several years.

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If you need anymore assistance with your hose, don't hesitate to visit us or contact any of our 5 locations across Canada. We'd be happy to help you!

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