Thermoworks Billows System

Thermoworks designs some of the greatest thermometers and smoking accessories on the market, and the Thermoworks Billows System is one of the latest additions into the thermostatic fan market. Allowing you to confidently control your BBQ's temperature by connecting it with your Thermoworks Signals system and hooking it up to your desired smokers lower damper.

It's an easy to use, simple system that hooks up to most smokers, allowing you to sit back, put your feet up, crack open a wobbly pop and let your billows system do the work for you.

Who wants to spend their Sunday's monitoring their several hour cooks, when you can watch some NFL, or binge your favourite series?

Thermoworks Billows & Signals Kit | Barbecues Galore

The billows system offers a best in class airflow capacity of 46 cubic feet per minute, fantastic temperature control stability, and one of the fastest initial speed to temperature. 

"But what does it all mean?"

We're glad you asked! It means one of the easiest set up's, simple manageability, and high quality reliability. Combine this with your Thermoworks Signals system and what do you get? One integrated system to manage and monitor smoker and meat temperatures.

Whether you're working with a barrel, drum, ceramic, or stick burner, this unit will help you maximize your grilling efficiency and help you get the best cook, every time.

*Check out the Thermoworks Billows, Signals & Kamado Adaptor Kit Here*

Thermoworks Billows & Signals System

"What about when I open my lid and quickly lose heat?"

Thermoworks has even thought of a fix for this issue. One one of their most recent app updates, the billows system will now detect when you open your lid and there's a quick drop in temperature. The fan quickly recognizes this and returns your grill back to temp.This results in a more consistent cook, better flavour, and better consistency in your protein.

The Bellows works by plugging into a standard 12V  power adaptor, which connects the Billows and the Thermoworks Signals system together. One probe is inserted from the Billows system to the Signals thermometer. From here, you can insert your meat probes connected to your Signals system into your proteins. This way the primary probe keeps a thermostatic temperature of the whole system, while the other three probes will manage your protein.

Think you've found your next master grilling accessory? You can purchase the Thermoworks Billows, Signals & Adaptor kit online or in-store at any of our 5 locations across Canada. We have three locations in the GTA: Burlington, Oakville & Etobicoke, Ontario. As well as two locations in Alberta with our Calgary North and Calgary South locations.

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