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Thermoworks Billows, Signals And Adapter Kit

Thermoworks Billows, Signals And Adapter Kit


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ThermoWorks BBQ Meat Thermometers at Barbecues Galore

Made for meatheads and grilling fanatics alike, the ThermoWorks Billows Kit is meant for everyone! It features the ThermoWorks Billows wireless technology, the Signals (in red), and the adapter kit.  With these tools at hand, any Average Joe Griller can turn into Master Chef Bobby Slay. Whether it's smoking, searing, slow cooking or just plain grilling, this kit is a one stop shop to ultimate BBQing.

The Signals features four separate channels & probes (3 High Temp Cooking Probes & 1 High Temp Air Temp Probe with a grate clip), Wi-Fi & Bluetooth technology for easy set up to the ThermoWorks App & customizable channel names. 

The Billows is a temperature control fan that works great with most smoker types.  When connected to your ThermoWorks Signals, you can control the airflow and temperature right from the ThermWorks App. Easily sit back and relax while you monitor the air flow, grate temperature, and meat temperatures with the fantastic Billows & Signals combo.


Signals Features

  • 4 Channel temperature alarm that connects to smart device and has physical buttons (Dynamic Duo!)
  • Includes 3 Pro-Series® High Temperature Cooking Probes
  • Includes 1 Pro-Series® High Temperature Air Probe & Grate Clip
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology allowing you to easily set up to the ThermoWorks App
  • Backlit display to easily read temperatures at all times of the day
  • Set your min/max temperature settings and move onto the next task while you wait for that alert
  • Splash-proof design for outdoor use (Rated to IP66)
  • Rechargeable batter with 12VUSB power adaptor

Billows Features

  • Easily maintains temperature control throughout whole cook, giving you that oh so great set it and forget it mentality
  • A whopping air flow capacity of 46CFM (Cubic feet per minute) - Best in it's class!
  • Lightening fast speed-to-temperature
  • Superior control stability
  • One integrated system to monitor and control smoker and meat temperatures
  • Easily set up to Signals hardware and ThermoWorks App 
  • USB-C to USB-C cable included
  • Easily sets up to most smokers
  • Cool-Touch industrial weatherproof composite
  • Gone are the days of worrying about flare-ups and burn-outs!