What Are the Best BBQ Brands?

Oh, the mighty grill: a fundamental part of any household that takes summertime seriously. After all, have you truly enjoyed the warmer season if you haven’t had a good barbecue?

At Barbecues Galore, we understand how challenging it can be to find the right BBQ for all yours and your family's needs - there's just so many to choose from. So, to help you make the most of the grilling season, we have compiled our top three BBQ brands for your consideration. The following brands have earned their reputation through quality craftsmanship, innovative engineering, and delicious results. Here are our top 3 BBQ Brands:

Number 3: Napoleon

Napoleon (originally Wolf Steel Ltd.) is the largest privately-owned manufacturer of grills, fireplaces, and gas furnaces in North America. So, if you’re looking for a reliable brand, you can trust that they know what they’re doing. This family enterprise has been around since the '70s and started out as a steel manufacturing company. When the founder, Wolfgang Schroeter, began experimenting with wood-burning, he eventually invented the first cast-iron stove with a glass door. They quickly, but carefully, expanded to the barbecue market in 1995 when they formally founded Napoleon, and the rest is history. A worldwide success, Napoleon is a company dedicated to its craft and is high on our list of the best BBQ brands around.


Number 2: Broil King

Broil King is North American-Made and they'll shout that from the rooftops. Broil King is proud to manufacture their BBQs in Waterloo Ontario, Huntington Indiana, and Dickson, Tennessee. Why is the labour not exported overseas? Well that's because they've testified to build their BBQs with care and that means being able to watch, control, and improve the production process with their own eyes, hands, and hearts. Being a family-owned company, Broil King has had other North American families in mind since they started building BBQs in 1986. Built for performance and flavour, Broil King gas BBQs never disappoint.


Number 1: Weber

Weber Grills Coloured Logo

It's no surprise that Weber is number one on our list. Weber grills have probably been around longer than you: founded in 1952 by George Stephen, the first Weber grill was invented when the same man cut a metal buoy in half, truly taking backyard grilling to the next level. Since then, Weber has been manufacturing brilliant barbecues that span from portable kettles to heavy-duty gas grills. 

Since they’ve been at the top of the grilling game for 70 years, you can take a solid bet that you are in good hands with any Weber grill. Quality craftsmanship and design coupled with the best materials and components available have resulted in the lengthy success of this company. If you’re looking for a BBQ brand that you know is dependable, highly reputable, and at the height of the market, Weber is the way to go. 

The List is Long

Although we’ve done our best to round up our top BBQ brands, it’s an impossible task to say who is truly the king of the grill. Different brands work for different grillers, so make sure you do your barbe- "cue diligence" and look at some of our other blogs posts where we compare different grills, give you BBQ tips/advice, and more. Happy grilling from your favourite BBQ store, Barbecues Galore!

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