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Assembly Service

Made "fresh-to-order", our assembly team will put your barbecue together within a couple hours of your delivery or pick up. This keeps it nice and safe from scratches and mishaps. Sure, it would be more efficient for us to build a whole whack of them one day a week.

A perfectly assembled barbecue starts with a smile

You don't pay good money for stale milk, why would you pay good money for a stale barbecue. Our patio 'assembly' is more like a patio 'dis-assembly'. Patio assembly is usually part of our patio delivery service, but if you'd like it done before you pick up then who are we to say no.

Inspecting Barbecue

Barbecue Assembly Involves:

  • assembling the barbecue safely and accurately.
  • test firing to make sure all burners are functioning (nobody likes getting a dud!)
  • a complete once over by a senior assembler

    Patio 'Assembly' Involves:

    • removing the oodles and oodles of packaging from the furniture and recycling it
    • putting together any final touches, like legs etc