Barbecue Assembly Services: We Build, You Grill

Inspecting Barbecue

Made "fresh-to-order", our assembly team will put your barbecue together within a couple hours of your delivery or pick up. This keeps it nice and safe from scratches and mishaps. Read more

Licensed Gas Services

Gas Services at Barbecues Galore

Whether you want to add another gas appliance to your backyard or run new gas lines throughout your new home, our licensed gasfitters are the best in the business. Offering a wide range of gas services. our guys are ready to get the job done! (And done right!)

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Fireplace Coordinator Expert: Eddy

This is Eddy. He's the 'fireplace coordinator' for our Calgary stores. We sell a LOT of fireplaces and it takes someone like Eddy to make it all run smoothly. He makes sure our gasfitters are scheduled for the right day, that the city has all the permit information they need, and that anybody around the office that needs to be shot with a nerf gun gets a full blast.
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Meet Shawn and Sean

You have met our two duelists in this space before. (Shawn, Sean). These are two seriously seasoned members of the grilling community. Between them, they have cooked on dozens and dozens of different grills. So, when they pick a favourite machine, it is something the rest of us listen to. They’re sort of like EF Hutton.
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Tips for gas lines and a must read book

If you need a natural gas line - call us. That's right; we can come out to your house, and make sure that you have a never ending supply of nature's wonder fuel, zipping out to your deck so that your barbecue can run 24/7.
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