Meet Shawn and Sean

You have met our two duelists in this space before. (Shawn, Sean). These are two seriously seasoned members of the grilling community. Between them, they have cooked on dozens and dozens of different grills. So, when they pick a favourite machine, it is something the rest of us listen to. They’re sort of like EF Hutton.


Shawn says of the Broil King Keg: “It’s the total package. It’s efficient with charcoal, it’s reliable and it can do everything from super low smoking to high heat baking and grilling and, I love the cast iron cooking grill.

Sean has this to say about the classic Big Green Egg: “I grew up with a gas barbecue on the back deck but was always intrigued by using charcoal. When I tried it, I fell in love with that smoky flavour. At first, I used the Egg to cook the ‘low and slow’ cuts; the stuff that takes over twenty minutes. Now, I use it for everything and I’m finding myself watching cooking shows on tv and reading food magazines; always looking for something new to grill. The Egg has made my transition to charcoal very user friendly and, because I’ve had such great results with my meals – I wouldn’t use anything else.
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