Fireplace Coordinator Expert: Eddy

This is Eddy. He's the 'fireplace coordinator' for our Calgary stores. We sell a LOT of fireplaces and it takes someone like Eddy to make it all run smoothly. He makes sure our gasfitters are scheduled for the right day, that the city has all the permit information they need, and that anybody around the office that needs to be shot with a nerf gun gets a full blast. Eddy is a family man. Two young boys running around the house -- full of energy. These boys need nutrition every day of the year. Eddy, knowing his boys' nutritional requirements, has placed a 100% ban on all vegetables in his home. He says that they're full of germs ("Grown in dirt" he'll tell you) and that (get this) rabbits use vegetables for their washroom sometimes (!). And so, Eddy, as it turns out, is a poor choice as an "expert" for this, our cabbage issue. Oh well, we tried. Eddy is currently grilling on a Weber Summit barbecue (big wheel!). His favourite thing to grill is, wait for it..., 'steak'. Chicken Wings are a close second. Cabbage, is not on the list.
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