Gas Fireplaces

This page is about installing a NEW gas fireplace. If you are upgrading or modernizing an existing fireplace, please go to Fireplace Inserts.


Gas fireplaces are popular because they’re so easy and clean to use. They turn on almost instantly and add ambiance to your space. Most of them are very efficient. And other than scheduled check-ups, there’s very little maintenance required. You can get almost any style of fireplace – from traditional to urban chic – and multi-sided models are also available. Come on down to one of our stores and talk to a WOODS fireplace expert.


Unless you’re really handy and have done this before, you’re going to need some help. And since WOODS has been doing this for 60 years, the sooner you involve us in your project, the more we can help. We’re not the only party involved in the installation of a new fireplace but we can make the process go smoother for everyone – especially you.


There are four stages or steps to adding the charm and warmth of a new fireplace to your home.

1. Framing and rough in (done by others or yourself ) Before framing, you’re going to need to know the size and shape of the fireplace. You need certain clearances and also some planning for where the gas line will connect and where the vent will go. WOODS will provide this information so your contractor (or you) can prepare for the next step.

2. Gas line, fireplace and venting installation (done by WOODS) We will provide a certified gas fitter to run a gas line to your fireplace. We will also deliver and install the fireplace of your choice. And we will install the direct vent to the outdoors.

3. Safety code inspection (done by your municipality) WOODS will arrange for a municipal inspector to confirm that the gas connections, fireplace and vent are safe and meet local building codes.

4. Finishing, mantle installation and completion (done by others or yourself) Once you have your inspection certificate, your fireplace can be enclosed and finished to suit your tastes.


    WOODS does have a short list of local contractors and trades people who might help you with the framing, rough in and finishing. We say ‘might’ because the contractors we recommend may not be able to accommodate your schedules and deadlines. 


    Your new fireplace project starts at WOODS. Come and talk to one of our fireplace specialists. They can help you find a fireplace that gives your room the look you want. They’ll guide you through the process and help you develop a plan for what needs to be done. Based upon the fireplace that you choose, they can give you some ballpark prices as a guide to what you can expect to pay for the fireplace, installation and gas and vent hook ups.

    For the actual ‘formal’ estimate, a WOODS representative will come to your home and, once your specific requirements are confirmed, he or she will provide you with a written estimate right then and there. Please note that our estimate is only for the WOODS FIREPLACES services and products. The costs for the framing, rough in and finishing are not included in our estimate.