Collection: Multi-Sided Fireplace (ZC)

There's contemporary and then there's innovative. The innovative multi-sided built-in gas fireplaces are setting trends of increasing popularity as the years go by. With a multi-sided gas fireplace accenting your home with the utmost class, you're bound to enjoy your dinner parties, game or date nights, stay-cations, and more  by the calming warmth of the ambient flame.

Customize your new built-in multi-sided gas fireplace with different logs, media, trims, etc. - the choice is yours. Try Valor's Design Centre and visualize your fireplace in your home before you make any commitments:

  • Extend Patio Season

    Your patio is available to you year round, so why do you only use it for half the year? Make use of your patio year round.

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  • Extending Your Natural Gas Line

    Want your patio heater a little out of reach of your natural gas connection? No problem.

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  • Choosing A Fire Feature

    We know, there are so many beautiful fire tables out there, how do you know which one is for you? We've summarized some factors to think about when choosing a fire feature.

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