Barbecues Galore Service Center

The service that Barbecues Galore offers makes sure that the torch you carry for your barbecue, fireplace or patio furniture never gets extinguished. Here at Barbecues Galore our interest in you doesn't end when the credit card machine says approved.

We like to offer a caring, supportive, long-lasting relationship. We will be here for you in sickness and in health. Whether you need help with your barbecue, want to know how to store your patio furniture or having a tough time getting your fireplace lit, we'll be there! Well, more like here - unless you need us to come there.

Heck, if you want to come in just because you love our store or want to tell us about how you made the best brisket of your life, we'll take that too. 

Barbecues Galore Services


Made “fresh-to-order”, our assembly team will put your barbecue together within a couple hours of your delivery or pick up. This keeps it nice and safe from scratches and mishaps. Sure, it would be more efficient for us to build a whole whack of them one day a week, but we like happy customers WAY too much to do that.

Barbecues Galore Barbecue Assembly

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"Delivery" in some stores means they will only bring it from their store to your house and then vanish like frightened little rabbits. Not at Barbecues Galore! No sir, no way.

Our team of two freshly scrubbed (sometimes) delivery personnel won’t just drop a barbecue at your curb and hightail it like their pants are on fire. Nope, they’ll place it exactly where you want it at your home, show you how to use it, and, if you want, take your old barbecue away for recycling.

We don't draw the line at barbecues. Want us to deliver your patio set? Yes ma'am. How 'bout that 13 foot umbrella? You bet! Can't fit your new firepit in your trunk? No sweat, we got it!

Barbecues Galore Delivery Service

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Licensed Gas Services

Whether you want to add another gas appliance to your backyard or run new gas lines throughout your new home, our licensed gasfitters are the best in the business. Offering a wide range of gas services. our guys are ready to get the job done! (And done right!)

Barbecues Galore Licensed Gas Services

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Fireplace Installation

Through our Woods Fireplaces banner, we have been installing fireplaces since just shortly after fire was invented. Thoroughly trained and abundantly experienced, our fireplace teams are the best in the business. We’re sort of control freaks around here. That’s why we don’t sub-contract our gas-fitting and fireplace installations. Our in-house gas-fitters are experts in the complete installation of any fireplace.

Barbecues Galore Fireplace Installation

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Fireplace Service & Repair

A fireplace service call is recommended annually before the first fire of the season. Canadian owned and operated since 1979, we proudly consider ourselves the experts when it comes to all things fireplace. Our fireplace service technicians are here to make sure your fireplace insert, direct vent fireplace or gas stove is operating at its peak performance.

Barbecues Galore Fireplace Service & Repair

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