Barbecues Galore Service Center

Assembly, Delivery, Installation & Repair for Barbecues and Fireplaces

Our services here at Barbecues Galore make sure that the torch you carry for your barbecue, fireplace or patio furniture is never extinguished.

Translation: our interest in you doesn't end when the credit card machine says approved.

We prefer to build caring, supportive, long-lasting relationships with our customers. We’ll be here for you and your barbecue, fireplace or associated accessories, in sickness and in health, to offer whatever support you need to make the most of your purchase.

Whether you need help with your barbecue installation, want to know how to store your patio furniture or are having a tough time getting your fireplace lit, we'll be there!

(Well, more like here - unless you need us to come there. Then we’ll be there.)

Heck, if you want to come in just because you love our store or want to tell us about how you made the best brisket of your life, we'll take that too.

Our super-suave techs can help you with: