Kamado Joe

The Kamado Joe is recognizable anywhere – it’s that huge, red, ceramic kamado-style grill that offers the greatest grilling experience you’ll ever have. From their most popular model, the Classic Joe, to their most gigantic model, the Big Joe, to their Joe Jr. at 13.5” in diameter - there’s a model for every level of barbecuer out there.


The Kamado Joe is one innovative game changer. The Classic III and Big Joe II are the very first to feature the hyberbolic smoke changer (known as the SloRoller) which was developed by some geniuses at Harvard (pretty cool right?). The “SloRoller” maximizes that delicious smoke flavor and efficiency of heat distribution.

What can I do with a Kamado Joe?

That’s one great question with an infinite amount of answers. The Kamado Joe has so many accessories, you won’t run out of ways to use your KF. Their famous cast-aluminum DoJoe will take your KJ and turn it into a best-in-class pizza oven that’s easy to use for beginners to experts. Don’t eat pizza often? The Joetisserie, another great cast-aluminum accessory, allows you enjoy rotisserie chicken made fresh at home! These are just a couple of the capabilities that you can enjoy at your home with Kamado Joe.

Why choose Barbecues Galore?

We love Kamado Joe and know you’ll love it too, but we don’t want to just tell you that without any background knowledge. Our staff is fully trained on the Kamado Joe from top to bottom, and can help match you with the size of grill and accessories that you’ll use most. Not only that, we’ll help you find the charcoal that will suit your grilling needs best. New to charcoal? No problem, you won’t be left in the dark. We want to make sure your grilling experience at home is as awesome as it sounds when you’re purchasing in the store.

Barbecues Galore offers the lowest price guaranteed (an we price-match too!) and the best assembly and delivery team out there (our ever-so-popular Barbecue Butlers). Support Canadian and support local by choosing Barbecues Galore. Stop by one of our stores in Calgary, Burlington, Oakville, and Toronto or order online here, at BarbecuesGalore.ca.