Napoleon Oasis Modular Islands

What’s the Story Morning Glory? The story is that there’s a hyper efficient, low-cost way of building a custom outdoor kitchen. It’s called ‘Oasis’ and it’s a good story. Definitely Maybe.


Step 1: Choose Your Grill Head

Determine which grill head meets your grilling needs. If you don’t know what size barbecue you want, you can’t pick out the rest.  It's important to think about what you're looking for in a grill before you purchase one. Are you looking for your basic four burner grill? Perhaps you'd like some lighting for nighttime grilling. Possibly a built in smoker box, or maybe you'd like a separate grill head for food allergies.  These are a few of the questions you should ask yourself when purchasing a grill head.  Listed below are the four potential grill heads you can purchase for your Napoleon Oasis Modular Island.

Napoleon BIP500RB - Great for everyday grill enthusiasts who are looking for a reliable, top notch grill that's going to give them a great bang for their buck. 

Napoleon BIP500RB

Napoleon BIPRO500RB - The same grill size as the P500 with some quality upgrades to make you feeling like the professional domestic chef that you are!

Napoleon BIPRO500 l Barbecues Galore

Napoleon BIPRO665RB - Great for hardcore grill enthusiasts with its extra grill space, smoker burner and all of the other greatness that comes with the PRO series.

Napoleon BIPRO665 l Barbecues Galore

Napoleon BIPRO825RB - Made for the top dogs of the grilling world. Whether you need the extra grill head for all the extra food you plan on making, or you want it for allergen purposes, we can assure you that this is grill is going to blow you away.

Napoleon BIPRO825 l Barbecues Galore

Step 2: Choose Your Under Grill Cabinet

Each grill head has a corresponding under grill cabinet. Sorry folks, no mixing and matching here.  As this is the piece the grill ultimately rests on, it needs to be paired with its corresponding grill cabinet.  The list of available cabinets are as follows.

Under Grill Cabinet - 500 Series

Under Grill Cabinet - 665 Series

Under Grill Cabinet - 825 Series

Step 3: Choose Your Components

Now’s where the fun begins. Choose the pieces that will bring your outdoor kitchen dreams to life. Fridges, trash drawers, storage drawers and doors. The list goes on.  By configuring your outdoor kitchen in a way that works for you ultimately makes the difference between a backyard and an outdoor living space.  A list of the potential components can be found below.

 Two Drawer Cabinet - You may be asking yourself, why does this cabinet look like it has three drawers? The top drawer is faulty to give it the same appearance, yet it allows you to place in the drop in side burner or ice bucket.

Napoleon Oasis Two Drawer Cabinet l Barbecues Galore

 Waste Drawer Cabinet - Why make the trips back and forth to the house to throw out your garbage? Featured inside is also a paper towel holder for quick and easy cleanup. Less time cleaning equals more time grilling and drinking!

             Napoleon Oasis Waste Drawer Basket l Barbecues Galore

Three Drawer Cabinet - Great for maximum storage.  Unlike the two drawer cabinet, you cannot place the drop in side burner or ice bucket on this piece.

Napoleon Oasis Three Drawer Cabinet l Barbecues Galore

Propane Tank Cabinet - Depending on the gas of your grill, you may need this cabinet to help save your back every time you need to move your propane tank.  Easily slide in your tank with this cabinet and have that pristine look.

Napoleon Oasis Propane Tank Cabinet

Outdoor Refrigerator  - Why not make things easier on yourself and load up your fridge with a couple tall boys and those marinated steaks so you have everything right at your fingertips!

Napoleon Outdoor Refrigerator l Barbecues Galore

Step 4: Select and Install Your Countertop

The only part of the Oasis kitchens that aren’t available from us are the countertops. That doesn’t mean you’re on your own for this step. We work with lots of great, local contractors who we feel confident will help you add the final touch without taking your first-born child when they leave.

Napoleon Oasis gives you the opportunity to set up your dream kitchen the way you want it, all at an affordable price.  With high quality grilling and beautiful aesthetics, we know you're going to be spending a lot more time out back once you've set up your very own.

Napoleon Oasis Set l Barbecues Galore