How to Extend Your Patio Season: Gas Fire Features

We've all been there: a beautiful Saturday evening with a breeze as crisp as the autumn leaves, but it's just a tiny bit too cold to fully enjoy the night outside. Well, we're here to tell you that there is still hope for that relaxing ambient night we're all craving. The answer is gas fire features - they're a one-stop-shop way to extending your patio season, so you can continue to enjoy that beautiful fall weather the way it was meant to be done. 

Already looking for a gas fire table? Check out our selection here!

So now you're probably wondering about the specifics and might be asking, "Does a fire table really generate enough heat to keep me warm throughout the year?" Of course there are a many variables to consider, but unless there's a snowy Canadian blizzard -  which we doubt you would want to be outside for anyway - you should be able to stay warm around the right fire table with a few extra layers of clothing. If you're looking for a fire table that can produce a ton of heat, you'll need something with a higher BTU (British Thermal Unit) capacity. However, if you're like most people and just want a bit of heat to keep the fingers toasty during the autumn and spring nights, any gas fire table will do. 

Check out some of our fire tables ranked by BTU capacity:

80,000 BTU and More TrueFlame 30" Fire Bowl
Outdoor Great Room Cove Linear 

Outdoor Great Room Cove 30" Fire Bowl

Outdoor Great Room Brooks Extra Long 61" x 32" Fire Table

Outdoor Great Room Cedar Ridge Linear
79,000 BTU to 56,000 BTUs Napoleon St. Tropez 56" x 36" Rectangular Gas Fire Table
55,000 BTUs and Less

Johnson Concrete Fire Table

Outdoor Great Room Cove 20" Fire Bowl

Outdoor Great Room Archer Fire Table
Outdoor Great Room Books Rectangular 50" x 31" Fire Table
Outdoor Great Room Books Round Fire Table
Napoleon Hampton Patio Flame Rectangular Fire Table



Although we have a great selection of fire tables that'll keep your guests nice and cozy, the heat isn't the only reason you should get a fire table. The ambiance provided by a gas fire table once the sun goes down is hard to beat. We can fully attest to this because our staff members have had great nights gathered around the fire over the years. It really has become the centrepiece of many of our staff members' backyards.




Additional Features That You May Not Know About

Burner Covers

Can't decide between getting a fire table or a regular table? Not a problem. Most fire tables will come with a burner cover that keeps the burner and media protected. This way, you can use the fire table as a regular table. You'll really appreciate this feature if you like to have your breakfast and morning coffee outdoors, but don't need the heat of the fire. Just make sure that you don't eat over an uncovered burner or try to roast any marshmallows because, as you could guess, clogged burners are bad for your fire table.

Some advice from us: always double check to see if your fire table comes with a lid because some brands offer them as a separate purchase. 

Wind Guards

If you happen to live in a spot that gets a little gusty, don't worry. You can simply use a wind guard, which is typically an optional glass barrier that helps protect your flame from the wind. This will help your flame burn more evenly, rather than leaning to one side due to the breeze. It also deters children and pets from sticking their mitts in the fire. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone! 

Check out our collection of Wind Guards here!

 Wind Guard For Fire Tables from Barbecues Galore



Oh, and there are gas fire tables in all shapes, sizes and finishes. So you can bet your bottom dollar that you'll find one that matches your patio set and outdoor sanctuary aesthetic.



Maybe you're looking to build around your current fire table? Lucky for you, we also carry different styles of patio furniture so you can create the backyard setup suitable for your dream home.

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Patio Furniture from Barbecues Galore

Any other questions about fire tables? Simply ask your question in our chat at the bottom right hand of the page, or call any of our 5 locations across Canada! Three in the GTA with our Burlington, Oakville and Etobicoke, Ontario locations. Two in Alberta with our Calgary North and Calgary South locations.

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