American Fireglass Replacement Firepit Beads



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These are not your ordinary beads. You see, tossing any ol’ bead or piece of reflective glass in your fireplace will net you some really bad experiences. We aren’t rocket scientists, but unless you want a melted mess or some ridiculous explosions in your fireplace, then its best you stick with some decor that can truly withstand the fire.

These Firebeads are made with one purpose in mind: to make your fire look even more inviting. Pour these beads along the firebed of your gas fireplace or firepit and you’ll be relaxing in the warming glow of the fire in no-time.



  • Firebeads will enhance the beauty of your fire by reflecting the flame off of every bead
  • American Fireglass is tested to withstand the hottest of temperatures to ensure the beads will not melt or degrade
  • Eliminate soot, ash, and smoke as the beads will burn clean and efficiently – this means no toxic fumes will emit from them either!
  • Whether its propane or natural gas, the beads will be safe for most firepits, firetables, or fireplaces
  • Available in two unique colours – keep it cool with Glacier Ice Firebeads or let the night never end with Twilight Firebeads
  • Contains 10lbs of firebeads

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