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American Fireglass Replacement Firepit Glass

American Fireglass Replacement Firepit Glass


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If your gas fireplace or firepit is looking a little old then why don’t you spruce them up a little? Sometimes all you need is a nice new layer of cut reflective glass to augment the true beauty of your fire. The flame’s glow is intensified as it bounces off of each and every piece of 1/2” cut glass.

Giving your gas fireplace or firepit an American Fire Glass makeover is easy. Start off by pouring yourself a glass of wine. Then, simply pour the 1/2” cut glass along the fire bed and distribute it evenly to make sure your fire still has room to breathe.

Lastly, get the fire going and relax in its warming radiance. However, we urge you to never mix around the wording in the first two steps of the American Fire Glass makeover. We hear that pouring wine in your fireplace can lead to a bad time.

May Require Special Order 


  • Intensify the look of your fire with 1/2" cut glass as the beautiful flame will bounce and reflect off of each piece of glass
  • American Fire Glass is formulated for long-term heat consumption – it will not melt or degrade!
  • Glass will burn clean and efficiently – this means no toxic fumes as it will also eliminate soot, ash, and smoke
  • Safe to be used propane or natural gas fireplaces, firepits, and fire tables
  • Available in a variety of colours from a shining gold reflective glass to a sleek and simple black glass
  • Contains 10 lbs. of cut fire glass