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Brander Butcher's Shears

Brander Butcher's Shears


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For bigger jobs, a knife just won't cut it. It's also safer - you don't want to be forcing your way through a piece of meat with a knife and have it slip. That's where shears come in. These Brander Butcher's Shears give you the leverage you need to cut through larger pieces of meat and poultry with greater ease and precision. Cooked or uncooked, these will shred through your meat like Edward Scissorhands, but with even more beautiful results! They can be used for shearing poultry, cutting butcher twine, even trimming herbs and cheesecloth.


  • Great for separating the wings, thighs, and other parts of meat at their joints
  • Can also be used to cut bread, fruits, vegetables, and more
  • 304 grade stainless steel - easy to clean and it'll never rust!
  • Serrated edges to help you shred through just about anything
  • Provides you with smooth and precise cuts
  • Locking handles for safe storage 


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