Brander Cast Iron Crepe Pan

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We couldn't find many out there, so we did the universe a favour. We've brought you the perfect sized cast iron crepe pan (you're welcome earthlings and aliens).

The Brander Cast Iron Crepe Pan is designed with heat retention in mind. With it weighing over 5 lbs, this guy is built to hold the heat like no other. Thus, remember to keep your hands safe - oven mitts or barbecue gloves are your friend!

Crepe Pan in Action:

  • Whip up the most delicious crepes you've ever dreamed of (or, use it like you would any pan)
  • Solid cast iron construction delivers with maximum heat retention
  • Heavy-duty design and construction - no, seriously, this guy actually weighs over 5 lbs for just a pan!
  • Being that it is cast iron, we do recommend a seasoning process prior to first time use
  • Measures 11" - think that crepe will be large enough?
  • Handle measures 6.5" in length to ensure your hands steer clear from the heat (but, keep your gloves on as the cast iron can get fairly hot)

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