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  • Broil King Chicken Roaster with Pan
  • Broil King Chicken Roaster with Pan
  • Broil King Chicken Roaster with Pan
  • Broil King Chicken Roaster with Pan
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Broil King Chicken Roaster with Pan


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Broil King Chicken Roaster With Pan - Revolutionize the way you make beer can chicken with this roaster-pan duo. Ever notice how 'beer can' sounds a little like 'bacon' when you say it a bit fast? Hey, maybe we could infuse the chicken with bacon and make a bacon beer can chicken?

This combo is durable, practical and makes delicious chicken. Sounds like you can't go wrong with this little guy.

We stock, roughly, 5,000 different styles of chicken roasters. This is one of the best. Plenty of room for potatoes and veg around the perimeter of the roaster so you can grill your entire meal in one delicious group.


  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction for extended chicken roasting happiness
  • Roasting pan measures 9 x 9 inches to catch all the drippings, protecting your burners and saving the flavour
  • Drip pan is the perfect place to put vegetables and potatoes
  • Beer can holder twists on and off for easy 'cleanability'
  • Fill beer can holder with a beer can, or... fill the beer can holder with other liquids you would like to infuse your chicken with
  • Durable handles make for easy manipulation - not the same kind of manipulation your kids pull on you and your wife... we promise.