Brander 12" Cast Iron Frying Pan

SKU: TR7481


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We're often asked if we carry cast iron frying pans. The answer - heck yes we do! In fact, this frying pan is one of our favourites due to its price point and the value you're getting. The pan itself weighs in at nearly 8 lbs! That is one heavy piece of equipment to be workin' with. Use this pan to whip up the tastiest of meals right in your grill. 

After reading all this, you've got to ask yourself - How did Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings lug around his cast iron cooking tools so easily? And, for that matter, did ol' Sam even properly season his cast iron pans during his journey? We'll truly never know...

  • Solid cast iron allows for heat retention like no other
  • One of the heaviest pans we carry - this guy weighs nearly 8 lbs!
  • Handle is part of the cast - you can be sure this handle will never fall off
  • Measures 12" - it's not too big, it's not too small, it's just right (hopefully those storybook bears don't open a lawsuit on that)
  • Handle measures 5" to ensure a firm grip
  • Being that it is cast iron, we do recommend proper seasoning prior to use

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