Brander Nylon Grill Brush

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Since recent stories and discoveries, it seems like bristle brushes have received quite a bit of flak. Truthfully, that is why we recommend to replace your brush once a season to ensure you're extra safe.

But, if you're looking to stay clear of harmful bristles, then you'll need our brand spankin' new Cool Touch Bristle-Free Grill Brush. Rather than brass or stainless steel bristles, this guy is equipped with thick, red nylon bristles which are designed to be noticeable (and relatively harmless) if one were to fall out by accident. It even has a stainless steel scraper for when you really want to buckle down for a grill cleaning session.

NOTE: The nylon bristles are designed for cool touch only - do NOT use on hot surfaces as the nylon can melt (let your barbecue cool down as you should only use this brush on surfaces which are less than 200°F).


  • Great alternative to most bristle brushes which may be harmful
  • Equipped with nylon bristles which are still great for cleaning your grill - but, they're too large to sneak into your food
  • Red coloured bristles - seriously, you'd never be able to miss these if one were to ever fall out by accident
  • Stainless steel scraper on end of brush for tackling any stubborn messes
  • Cool Touch design - ONLY use this brush on cool surfaces (below 200°F) - the nylon can melt on warmer surfaces
  • Ergonomic handle with hanging hook

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