Brander Grill Mop

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The Brander Grill Mop will solve that “There is not enough sauce”, feeling you get after having some nearly perfect barbecue.

You’re not the only one suffering from a lack of BBQ sauce. Many other Canadians suffer from this exact same problem. Well, we have found a solution. Our Grill Mop allows you to add all the sauce your heart desires, ensuring the sauciest, most delicious food.

The Brander Grill Mop is designed for maximum sauce application.

Fun Fact: Famous Pitmaster Walter Jetton barbecued for the 39th president of the United States. Often grilling for hundreds of people, he needed a way to slather sauce onto mass amounts of meat. He used a mop. A real mop.


  • 17" long with a 12.5" wooden handle that is easy to grip
  • Plastic, ergonomic handle for comfort 
  • Long and thick mop head for those extra saucy nights
  • Fibres grab and hang on to your barbecue sauce - resulting in the ultimate barbecue sauce slather

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