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  • Broil King 65900 Pellet Grill Brush Kit
  • Broil King 65900 Pellet Grill Brush Kit
  • Broil King 65900 Pellet Grill Brush Kit


Broil King 65900 Pellet Grill Brush Kit


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This new pellet grill brush kit is a marvelous tool to help you keep your pellet grill looking, and operating as good as new. Whether its year 1, or year 5, you want to keep your pellet grill in pristine condition to keep the auger running smoothly. This way you spend your time cooking up your favourite meals and not on the phone wondering why your pellet grill doesn't get up to temp.

This kit comes equipped with a sweeping brush and dustpan to clear out ash and char, while the large and small scraper tools let you easily reach all the places with cooking on grit and grim to keep the cookbox clean. Side Note: This is a great kit to keep your gas grill cookbox and flavorizer bars looking great as well!


  • Includes sweeper, dustpan, large scraper & small scraper
  • Perfect to keep your pellet (or gas) grill looking and operating in great condition
  • Handles made of heavy duty resin for years of cleaning
  • Be sure to clean regularly to avoid grease fires or auger issues