Grill Pro Electric Charcoal Starter

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Grill Pro Electric Charcoal Starter - We love grilling with charcoal. Unfortunately, it doesn't work very well if the charcoal can't light. That won't be a problem with the help of this electric charcoal starter from Grill Pro. As long as you have a power supply that is.

Gone are the days of crumpling up newspaper and shoving it under your chimney to light your charcoal, or having to use lighter fluid to start things off. Think of all the trees you'll save! Squirrels everywhere will thank you.


  • Light the charcoal directly on your charcoal grate - no need for chimneys anymore
  • Stainless steel element radiates heat to light the charcoal for a quick and easy start
  • Uses 110 volts so it can plug into any standard household outlet - for outdoor use only
  • No need for lighter fluid - you know how much we like lighter fluid...
  • Can be used with any charcoal barbecue - oooh, versatile!

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