Grill Pro Non-Stick Flat Spit Basket

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Looking for the rotisserie style chicken but don't want to buy the entire chicken? The Grill Pro Flat Spit Basket gives you the opportunity to grill just about anything rotisserie style.  Chicken thighs, ribs, fish, heck even potato wedges. Hopefully reading this didn't make you as hungry as it made us writing it.

Simply place your desired food into the basket, put the adjustable lid on top, slide the rotisserie rod on and boom, you're ready for some epic rotisserie style cookouts!  Even throw in some vegetables for added flavour.  


  • Adjustable lid letting you fit various sizes of food in the basket - The more the merrier
  • Ideal for chicken thighs, wings, fish, ribs, or just about anything else you can think of
  • Fits standard 3/8" diameter rotisserie rod 
  • Adds an extra element to your grilling repertoire - Become a culinary artist!
  • Locking thumb screws included to secure to the rotisserie rod 

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