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  • Grill Pro Recycled Grill Mat l Barbecues Galore
  • Grill Pro Recycled Grill Mat l Barbecues Galore


Grill Pro Recycled Grill Mat


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Have a barbecue and you're terrified of some sauce or extra food nibbles finding their way onto your polished or freshly stained deck?  Check out the Grill pro Recycled Grill Mat, measuring in at 36" x 60", it covers a wide variety of units making sure you don't have to worry about any mess cleanup!

You'll no longer have to watch in slow motion as that sauced up chicken wing splashes grime all over your beautiful cedar stained deck.  The grill mat takes the spill with grace and you have minimal cleanup. - You can even eat that wing that fell off the grill... Five second rule right?


  • Made from 100% recycled EPDM rubber - The environment thanks you!
  • A wide 36" x 60" coverage area, fitting under a variety of grills
  • Protects from stains, grime or potential scratches from moving your unit
  • Fire resistant providing a barrier between your barbecue and deck
  • Lays flat and easy for simple set up and maneuverability