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  • 92380 Grill Pro Stainless Steel Universal Heat Plate
  • 92380 Grill Pro Stainless Steel Universal Heat Plate


Grill Pro 92381 Stainless Steel Universal Heat Plates


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It’s quite the bummer when you find out that your old reliable barbecue needs to have a little makeover with replacement parts. It’s even a bigger bummer when you find out that the parts are ridiculously expensive, or even worst, they aren’t available. That’s when you use a fall back plan!

These universal heat plates act as a perfect replacement for most flavour bars (otherwise known as "those little triangle pieces above my burners"). The length of the heat plates are adjustable, allowing them to fit many barbecues. If you think these may do the trick, simply measure your current flavour bars and see if these guys will match up. The stainless steel construction will ensure many more seasons of quality grilling.


  • Universal fitting heat plates designed to fit over the burners in most barbecues
  • Stainless steel construction ensures long lasting durability
  • Protects your burners from drippings and reduces flare ups
  • Length of heat plate varies depending on how much you extend them
  • Extend the heat plates using the additional pieces included to make sure it fits just right
  • Dimensions: 3.75” W x 12” L (Can be adjusted and extended up to 18” L)