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  • Montana Smoking Wood Chunks - Hickory


Montana Smoking Wood Chunks - Hickory


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Montana Smoking Wood Chunks - You don't have to be born in the backwoods and sleep beside your smoker overnight to get some smoke flavour in your food. Anybody can do it - using any kind of barbecue. We've got all the supplies (and free advice) you need.


  • Provides a subtle sweet, fruity flavour to your food.
  • Can be used with many kinds of meat, such as pork, poultry and fish.
  • 100% organic and pesticide free - safe for use on your grill
  • Captures each tree's unique flavour by utilizing all of the tree's cells

Hickory - Hickory is famous because of its commercial success. Adds a strong yet piquant flavour. The most traditional flavour of smoked foods, it gives a strong hearty smoke flavour. Famous for hams, bacon, pork, ribs & vegetables and is also perfect for pork, chicken and turkey.